Groot Mini Figurine 017969R


COLLECTABLE- Just one of a collection of mini collectable figurines in the Marvel universe.

PEWTER- Lovingly sculptured with the fortitude of pewter.


SKU: 017969R
Material: Pewter
Size H5cm

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UNIQUE COLLECTIBLE – One of a kind design
A MUST HAVE for any Marvel Comics Fan
A cute, super deformed take on Marvel’s Groot, this 2 inch figurine is perfect as a desk companion
I am Groot, We are Groot. 

Baby Groot, arguably the cutest character throughout the MCU, is the formally known Groot, known as one of the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ this little guy will save the planet, kill bad guys, and dance all day.

A History of Groot & The Guardians 

First introduced as Bounty hunter sidekicks, Groot & Rocket in the first instalment of the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise were searching the galaxy to find their next ‘bad guy’ to take down and earn credits.

It isn’t until they run into Peter Quill, otherwise known as ‘star-lord’ with a huge bounty on his head, wanted for stealing an infinity stone. Starlord, Groot, Rocket and Gamora get into a fight leading them all to be captured and thrown into a high-security prison known as the Kyln, whilst in the prison we discover that Gamora, the daughter of Thanos, has quite the target on her back, with many prisoners loosing loved ones to Thanos, it becomes clear that they are not safe amongst the prisoners. Including Drax, the destroyer, who hopes to kill Ronan, for the murder of his wife and child.

As Groot, Rocket, Peter, Gamora and Drax fight their way from the Kyln, they intend on selling the ‘orb’ whilst Gamora plans on stealing it to betray her adoptive -father Thanos. After ronan hears wind of Gamora’s betrayal, he becomes angered to learn that Thanos, his leader does not take the information as serious as he does, as Thanos believes that Ronan and Nebula are able to commune with his ‘rebellious’ daughter in order to work together.

During the film Groot is seen to be the caring character, whilst all other members of the guardians typically display a ‘fight’ response to all danger, Groot shows loyalty to each of his fellow crew-mates, regardless of the little time he has known them, he proves to be someone they can trust, and somebody to be reliant on.  Until the very end of the film at which Groot, sacrifices himself to save his friends and help defeat Ronan.

Whilst his dearest friend Rocket, begins morning Groot, he stumbled upon a small leaf, hidden within the rubble of the aftermath of the final battle on Xandar. Rocket re-plants his companion, and a flashforward shows that Groot is reborn, in child form, growing once again and experiencing life as a child, making him an adorable addition to the sequel film Guardians Vol.2.

Groot and Rocket become pivitol to the final storyline in Avengerss:Infinity War, helping Thor to travel to Nidavellir in order to help stop Thanos from completing the Gauntlet, and then finally joining the battle of Wakanda to help the team of heroes stop Thanos, however Groot is ‘blipped’ away with half of the universe, including other heroes such as Bucky Barnes, Peter Parker, Dr. Strange, T’Challa, Sam Wilson, Peter Quill, Drax & Mantis.

Although during the final Endgame scene, we watch all the previously lost heroes return for the final battle.

Cast in High Quality Pewter

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