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Clogau Bracelets

Clogau Bracelets

Clogau offer a stunning selection of bracelets, from beaded bracelets and bangles to charm and link bracelets. Each bracelet is delicately hand crafted and has its own unique features, making sure every piece has a heart warming and personal touch.

Originating in the rugged mountains of Snowdonia in North Wales, Clogau jewellery design bespoke pieces made from rare Welsh gold, sterling silver and rose gold. The brand has adorned the wrists and neck lines of royalty and is now world renowned for its Welsh gold pieces.

You know that feeling when you just know something will be perfect? That’s how we feel about Clogau. From the lovely range of Welsh gold jewellery, to the traditional designs and contemporary collections, there’s something for everyone. Pick your favourite piece to treasure for a lifetime.

Clogau bracelets are lifetime pieces that can be passed down from generation to generation. The brand’s finest attention to detail and quality means each bracelet has been crafted to precision.

Clogau Bracelets Sale

For the latest & greatest Sale offers, we have a variety of Clogau Bracelet Sale options to choose from on our Clogau Sale.

There are many bracelets included in the sale selection. Such as; the Clogau Tree of Life Affinity Bead Bracelet. This is a very popular sale because of the delicate and subtle design, with the pretty heart-shaped charm that falls off the bracelet with grace. We also sell the Clogau Heart Bracelet as part of the sale collection. Stylish in appearance, the sterling silver heart is warmed with a gorgeous rose gold centre.  In addition, we have the Clogau Kengsington bracelet, a beautiful mirrored design of the majestic 19th-century gates of Kensington Palace. We also have the unique My True North Affinity Beaded bracelet, a magical dedication to the North Star, recognised as the brightest star in the Little Dipper, this bracelet will bring unlimited light to your life.

Clogau Gold Bracelet

If you’re looking for the perfect Clogau Gold bracelet then there are a wide variety of options, from the popular Tree of Life collections, to the traditional Affinity beaded bracelet collections. Each Gold bracelet contains rare Welsh Gold and offers a unique feel and design.

Clogau Bead Bracelet

Clogau beaded bracelets offer elasticated wearing, without having to worry about fussy clasps or delicate chains. The beaded jewellery is significantly cheaper than the chain & link jewellery, but still offers the high quality gold, silver & diamonds as all other Clogau bracelets.

The beaded bracelets are a proud addition to the Affinity collection, Affinity beaded bracelets typically come with some minor design changes per piece, for example popular Affinity beaded bracelets include the following:

Alongside many other popular affinity bracelets, the beaded bracelet collection comes with fully beaded bracelets, and also some bracelets with fewer beads depending on design choices.

Clogau Bangles

Lesser commonly found are the highly sought after Clogau Bangles, throughout each Clogau collection, often one Bangle is produced, popular bangles are often Silver in design, with an addition of white topaz or diamonds, and of course ironically Clogau’s signature Welsh Gold hallmark. Some of our favourite Clogau Bangles including the following:










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