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From delicate pendants crafted from Welsh Gold and stunning Sapphire to bold statement pieces featuring jaw dropping rose gold, our Clogau pendant collection truly has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking to treat yourself or buying a gift for a loved one, Clogau jewellery is the ultimate gift of love. Get a gift that lasts more than a season, these Clogau pendants last a lifetime and can be passed down from generation to generation.

The Clogau brand was founded in 1992 when Welshman, William Roberts discovered rare Welsh gold in the rugged mountains of Snowdonia, North Wales. The brands designs are rooted in the rarity and beauty of Welsh gold and each handcrafted piece is a timeless classic. As you browse through our Clogau range, you’ll find jewellery that’s traditional in style while also being contemporary in design. All inspired by the Welsh heritage, from the classic daffodil pendant to the stunning Dwynwen Opal pendant, these luxury pieces are created using sterling silver, rose gold and Welsh gold.

Make a statement of everlasting love with the Kiss Diamond pendant or give a gift worth a thousand words with the Past Present Future collection.

Is Clogau White Gold or Silver?

Clogau uses a combination of materials for different products, throughout the range we can see a variety of Gold, Silver, White Gold & Welsh gold being used alongside stones & diamonds to create beautiful pendants, necklaces, earrings & bracelets.

Most of the Clogau collection uses a white gold with sections of Welsh Gold, unless otherwise stated.

Is Welsh Gold More Expensive?

Not necessarily, Clogau offer a wide variety of styles, sizes and products to fit any price range, from affordable luxury designs, to high end welsh gold rings & necklaces.

For the best offers, discontinued products & Sale items check out our CLOGAU SALE selection. 

How many carats is in Welsh Gold?

Welsh gold is known to be 24-carat gold, which is a much higher and purer percentage than your typical 18-carat gold, this is why we see warmer hues and tones in a Welsh gold rather than a white or standard gold.

Clogau Sale Necklaces

Currently we have a wide variety of necklaces in our sale selection, with a range of Welsh gold classics such as the popular Clogau 9ct Yellow & White Gold Celebration Pendant.

The Clogau Cariad collection which is currently on sale in our SALE SELECTION.

Followed by the classical Kensington collection and looking glass pendant which also are available for large discounts on our online sale collection.