Clogau Watches

Clogau watches are completely unique, with a high focus on the detail and design each Clogau watch contains rare and authentic Welsh gold. These handcraft watches are available for both men & women with stainless steel diamond and silver watches available, alongside our classic and timeless rose gold plated collections.

Where Are Clogau Watches Made?

There is no solid answer to where Clogau Watches are manufactured, however, the gold that is used to make them is located in the Dolgellau Gold Belt, otherwise known as the Clogau St David’s mine. Founded in 1989 by a local man named William Roberts.

Clogau Watches

Our collection of Clogau watches may be small but this doesn’t take away from the quality and beauty of each individual watch. The extra special addition of the Clogau gold makes these truly one of a kind. Our Clogau watches are mainly targeted toward women. Our classic Mother of Pearl embraces an extraordinary pink/blue colour on the watch face that makes it stand out from normal watches. Or our Stainless Steel Diamond watch is also a popular seller because of the simplistic yet sophisticated design. Perfect to wear to work or an important event. As for watches for men, we primarily sell two, however, you will still be spoilt for choice due to the difference in both designs.

Why Is Welsh Gold Expensive?

Dating back as early as the Roman times, Wales has been a cherished country for gold mining, due to its rarity of it. However, at this present day, the mines are officially closed. Due to this, Welsh gold in particular has become more valuable and expensive in cost. It also now costs more to mine than any other type of gold.

Does Clogau jewellery contain any silver jewellery?

Yes, in every jewellery product you purchase from Clogau, there is approximately 92.5% sterling silver included.

Is Clogau Gold Made In China?

Currently, Clogau is transferring a stockpile of gold that was mined from the North Walian seam. Now the gold is being sent to China, where it is combined with South African ore.