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Hot Diamonds

Hot Diamonds – Beautiful Diamond Jewellery at an Affordable Price

Hot Diamond branded jewellery, including necklaces, rings, earrings and more. Find your favourite jewellery pieces and pair them with any occasion, hot diamonds stock a wide range of styles and products to create an incredible and fierce look. Known as one of the UK’s most popular brands since February 2001, due to the elegant and timeless look that their jewellery collection provides to their customers. Each piece is created from a stunning combination of sterling silver and precious metals, completed with a gorgeous signature diamond. Celebrities such as Jacquline Jossa and TOWIE’s Danielle Armstrong have expressed their love for Hot Diamonds and how much they appreciate the high quality.

Do Hot Diamonds Use Real Diamonds In Their Necklaces?

Hot Diamonds have actually confirmed the usage of real and authentic diamonds within their jewellery and the diamonds are all purchased from sources free of conflict. Their real diamonds are used in a range of their products such as their pendants, bracelets, rings and earrings and more often than not, they feature as one subtle diamond added to the sterling silver, that adds a small sparkle. Since diamonds are the hardest natural substance that you can find on earth, it is extremely hard to scratch, so this is why they are used in most jewellery pieces, not just because they look pretty.  The diamonds that they use are in agreement with the Kimberly Process and allied with United Nations resolutions.

How Much Are Real Diamond Necklaces Worth?

With diamond necklaces, there really is no set price for what a diamond necklace is worth. After all, beauty can’t compare when it comes to diamonds. Diamond necklaces usually range from £350 to a significantly larger price of £27,000. This is no surprise due to the funding that goes into extracting diamonds and cutting them down to size proportionate to fit on a necklace or earring. It also depends on the number of diamonds present on the necklace, many necklaces are crafted and carved with several diamond stones. The quality and material of the chain are also important to consider, as a diamond necklace with a 14K gold chain will most likely be cheaper than a diamond necklace with an 18K gold chain.

Most Popular Necklace Collections By Hot Diamonds:

  • The Emozoni collection: The Emozoni, fully customizable collection is one that allows you to express your creativity and individuality with jewellery. Using the Emozoni coins you can mix and match your jewellery for your desired occasion. There are stunning designer pieces such as rose gold, yellow gold and silver bracelets, including a variety of coloured stone and beaded options. Alternatively, you can make a statement with the Emozoni earrings that accompany exquisite stones and gems.
  • Hot Diamonds X Jac Jossa collection: Although fairly recent, the Hot Diamonds X Jac Jossa collection has captured the eyes of the public. The collection adds something unique to Hot Diamonds, as their jewellery is primarily silver, this collection includes only gold jewellery for those who prefer that. TV actress Jacqueline Jossa has always expressed her love for gold jewellery because of the confidence that comes with it, so she teamed up with Hot Diamonds to create this collection full of stunning necklaces, rings and earrings, that incorporate the signature diamonds.




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