Harry Potter

Royal Selangor – Warner Bros, Harry Potter Memorabilia & Collectible Figurines.

Attention all Potterheads, find yourself some of the most iconic and loveable figurines to add to your growing Harry Potter Memorabilia Collection.

If you like all of us are obsessed with Harry Potter, Hogwarts and all things magical, you will love all of the Royal Selangor & Harry Potter collaboration pieces.

From the elder wand, to the Golden Snitch, Hippogriff Mugs & even a replica of Hogwarts.

Not to mention your favourite characters designed beautifully out of the finest Pewter.

Here, all of your wild, wizardly wishes come true. At A Lea Jewellers we sell exquisite Harry Potter merch. If you are someone who enjoys collecting figurines as a Harry Potter fan, we offer Harry Potter Mini Figure, Dumbledore Mini Figure and even a Limited Edition Goblet Of Fire Replica. As a musical person, you may be interested in our Hogwarts Music Box, where you lift the lid gently to hear the haunting sound of Hedwig’s theme. To commemorate the majestic Hippogriff from the Harry Potter novels, a magical beast that is half eagle and half horse, we also sell the enchanting Hippogriff cup. Similarly, we also have the Basilisk Mug, in representation of the chilling King Of Serpents, bred by the Dark Wizards in Harry Potter.

Royal Selangor takes pride in selling high quality, striking figurines and collectables. With their headquaters in Kuala Lumpar, Royal Selangor has stores located in some of the top retail capitals such as, London, Hong Kong, and Singapore. They have numerous collections that have different themes such as; Marvel, Star Wars, Harry Potter and Disney. Royal Selangor is in partnership with Warner Bros to create this magnificent collection of Harry Potter merchandise, for everyone to enjoy!

Harry Potter Jewellery 

As well as these extraordinary collectables created for all Potterheads around the world, there are multiple jewellery items that are devoted to the magnificent world of Harry Potter. The Harry Potter Golden Snitch Necklace is a beautiful to design, inspired by the golden ball used to play Quidditch in the novels. Or you may find yourself drawn to a Harry Potter Phoenix necklace, that celebrates Dumbledore’s phoenix called Fawkes. This magical bird dies and then is reincarnated by its own ashes, they heavily symbolise endurance and new beginnings. Perhaps a pair of lighting bolt earrings would take your fancy. Crafted to match the infamous lighting bolt scar that Harry Potter has on his head.

Wizarding World Of Harry Potter 

Harry Potter is a series of fiction novels created by the British author J.K. Rowling. There are 9 Harry Potter books altogether and there are even Harry Potter Movies that have been released. The fictional world is set in Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft And Wizardry, where wizards Harry, Ron and Hermione face several challenges against the evil wizard Lord Voldemort, who intends to become immortal and overthrow the government for wizards and the magical world, also known as the Ministry Of Magic.




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