Ti Sento Necklaces

Ti Sento Necklaces

Ti Sento express their love for Silver through their uniquely designed necklaces.  Ti Sentos craft necklaces include drop necklaces, making it a perfect piece for a glamorous look. We also stock Gold & Silver necklaces, encrusted with diamonds and stones and not to forget one of our most popular pieces, the gold snake necklace, also available with matching earrings.


Our collection is filled with elegant pendants that are pure eye candy. Feel free to explore our Ti Sento pendant collection and find the perfect piece of jewellery that defines you.

Modern design for a Modern Woman
Fashion and style evolve, and today’s modern woman needs a contemporary necklace that brings out the beauty of this era. And Ti Sento pendants offer a classic and up-to-date design in everything; from pieces of art to tokens of love. Take a glance at our Ti Sento modern pendants collection and find the perfect one that suits YOU.

Precious Stones Made Magical By Silver
Each centrepiece stone possesses a striking charisma and unique charm. And when crystal, red coral, turquoise stone and zirconia meets silver, the product is always a statement of elegance.
Flowerbud Pendants
The iconic Ti Sento flower bud pendants radiate festive glow. They come in different crystal stones, embraced by either 18k silver, gold or rose gold plated prongs.


Among the collections are romantic flower buds plated with rose gold, yellow gold and silver that hangs proudly from the white zirconia pavé silver clasp. The sleekly cut shaped stones are warm and feminine, and they exude hidden splendours.

Gold-plating Adds Enchantment
The Ti Sento sterling silver pieces with gold and rose gold plating, on the other hand, provides a more enchanting look. Gold adds a touch of an eternal classic that wraps the silver subtly and elegantly without overpowering the silver. It glows luxuriously every time it meets the silver and will always leave you in awe.

Mix and Match 
You can wear Ti Sento- Milano pendants independently and it will shine bright on its own. But you can also mix and match it with other stylish ones for a superb fashion and necklace fest. Each pendant is a masterpiece that can complement one or two in our collection. You can layer it with other necklaces any way you want because, in this, there is no limit, only endless possibilities.

Comes with Luxury Packaging
Every Ti Sento pendant comes with a luxury silk pouch plus elegant box, ready for gifting. It’s an ideal present for besties, pals and sisters on any occasion.