Ti Sento Rings

Ti Sento Rings

For more than a decade, Ti Sento – Milano’s superb silver jewellery creations were influenced by the gold standards; therefore, every piece is a work of art. They may vary in style and character, but they are all brought together by the wonders of silver. Indulge in our silver collection below and find the ring that defines your style, your life, your passions. 

Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for a special someone, or a treat for yourself,our rings can uplift your look and add a glamorous finish to any fashion statement.  Why not mix & match our rings and necklaces for the perfect finished look?


Silvers Rings

Ti Sento specialises in silver, and every piece in our silver ring collection was crafted with the highest goldsmith standards. The silver rings in Ti Sento- Milano collection oozes with elegance and shines brightly with a seamless finish, thanks to the thick layer of Rhodium plating. The handset stones like turquoise stones, beautiful flower buds, and brilliant-cut zirconias further add shimmering lights and brings out the magic in every silver. Ti Sento silver rings perfectly resonate understated elegance that complements the taste and style of a modern woman. 


Gold-plated Rings 

With our pure desire to create the most sophisticated silver rings with a hint of glamour, we incorporated gold and rose gold elements in our silver pieces to enhance the aesthetics of the silver rings. Each gold-plated ring in the collection feature different centrepieces and patterns, but they all manifest a perfect balance of elegance and edge to any style. The 18ct gold-plated rings of Ti Sento – Milano exude vibrant energy and the handset stones crafted by our goldsmiths with great attention to details add a festive glow to any look. They are opulent, and they radiate the charm of classics as it bounces off the light and you can escape their enchanting beauty because they are gold. 


Stone Rings

When TI SENTO silver meets with precious stones, the products are obviously stunning, and each has a unique statement of class and sophistication. From citrine yellow handset stone that shines like Mediterranean sun to fantasy-cut crystal stone to dark blue cushion, this collection explodes with timeless luxury. Each piece may exude different attitudes, some are charming while others are eccentric, but they are a touch of art to your look while they scatter rays of light both at day and at night.



Mix and Match – Where Creativity Has No Limits

With Ti Sento – Milano’s superbly crafted rings, we can say, the more, the merrier. Every ring is iconic and stackable with the other pieces. There are no limits, no rules in mixing and matching. Milano jewels allow you to create stunning combinations based on your mood and style.  



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