Ti Sento Bracelets

Ti Sento Bracelets

Ti Sento – Milano has been expertly crafting bracelets from sterling silver and gold since 2003. And through the years, bracelet’s form has been continuously evolving, and so does the craftsmanship and technology used in jewellery making. But Ti Sento’s passion and love for bracelets remain unchanging. And our masterpieces mirror our belief and desire to create bracelets that inspire today’s modern woman and the future generation. 


Here’s a glimpse into our collection and take your time in browsing through our precious pieces to discover the bangles, chain bracelets, charm bracelets and pearl bracelets that define your style. Our most popular items including our Snake product range, you can mix & match or rock the whole collection with our snake earrings & necklace to complete the whole ensemble.  


Bangles – Redefining Jewels with Silver Galore

Crafted from premium sterling silver alloy packed in slender bangles, these pieces of jewel redefine beauty with their minimalist yet resplendent designs enhanced by Rhodium plating of an added shimmer and long-lasting sheen. This type of bracelets overloads with splendour from simple silver bangles to the ones with subtle pavé zirconia centrepiece and intricate patterns; every piece is an art, a fabulous creation that perfectly blends sparkle and glamour.  


Chain Bracelets – Showcasing Modern Glitz in Chains

As simple yet intricate as chain, these jewel pieces with loop design exhibits alluring modern classic. The stream of luminous 925 sterling silver links with a thick 3-micron layer of 18k gold and added handset zirconias add a touch of magic to any look. It fits a range of wrist sizes due to its adjustable chain; if it is too big, you can clip off some links, and if it is too tight, you can clip a silver or gold link to make sure it perfectly fits. Addition of personal touches like lavish pendants and precious charms can level up the aesthetics and match the grace and unique identity of today’s modern woman. 


Charm Bracelets – A Collection of Memories Dangling in Every Charm

With exquisite lockets and engraved charms like tokens, flower buds, and zirconias, charm bracelets add a touch of subtle attitude to any look. And they aren’t just amulets for good luck; they can be personalised to narrate your life, your love, your passion. Every Ti Sento creation is inherently unique, signifies endless individuality and powerful meaning.  


Pearl Bracelets – Flaunting the Timeless Elegance of the ‘Queen of Gems’

Inspired by the lustrous, flawless and heavenly aesthetics of the high-prized natural pearls, Ti Sento – Milano created refined, sophisticated pearl bracelets that preserves the elegance of the classic queen of gems. This bracelet collection made from the most exquisite natural pearls accentuated with precious zirconias will bring out the pure charm in any look; modern or classic. It’s absolute perfection! Pure luxury! It’s an open secret that the mother of pearls induces mysterious euphoria, and these pieces of jewels tell the reason why. 


Bead Bracelets – Celebrating a Festive Magic

From the endless stream of green and grey stones to turquoise beads, gold plated tokens, to coloured crystals and classic pearls, this collection of bracelet beads showcase a dreamy artwork full of character and style. Whether you’re rocking a summery look or a classic, there’s always a piece that suits your taste. Every bead bracelet has decorative locks and closure carrying a TI SENTO monogram with carefully handset Zirconias stones for an added luxury centrepiece. They’re festive; they’re magical, and they’re more than just a talisman. They bring colour to any look, and they offer a doorway to express passion and ambitions. 


Mix and Match for More Fashionable Looks

Ti Sento – Milano bracelets can be stacked together with other bracelets for a more playful look. There are no rules for pairing today, only infinite possibilities.