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Royal Selangor – Fine Crafted Pewter Designs.

Royal Selangor is the largest Pewter manufacturer in the world. They have produced some of the most bespoke and original pewter designs available.

Recently Selangor has partnered with Marvel, Disney, Harry Potter, DC and many other beloved franchises to create collectible and memorable figurines of the most loved characters, items & fan merchandise.

Collectable the fan favourite figurines brought to you by Royal Selangor can soon become your favourite new hobby, finding the most sought-after limited-edition Star Wars pieces, that are not available from other retailers within the UK.

A Lea Jewellers are lucky to be one of the only distributors of Royal Selangor’s incredible work in the United Kingdom. we have early access to all things limited edition, including Limited Edition Harry Potter Merchandise, Star Wars Merchandise, Game of Thrones Merchandise, Lord of The Rings Merchandise and currently most popular, Marvel Cinematic Universe Merchandise, or MCU Merch.