Discover the Importance of Insuring Your Jewellery with A Lea

The best way to protect your jewellery in the event of loss or damage is to insure it. To insure pieces for the right value requires a valuation from an Institute Registered Valuer. You can trust A Lea Jewellers across our entire range of jewellery services – whether you’re looking to redesign a family heirloom or bring a piece back to its former glory.

Jewellery & Watch Valuation Services

By having a detailed valuation schedule, it will enable you to:

  • Check that the replacement is of comparable quality and value to the original.
  • Enable a very similar item to be purchased or manufactured.
  • Professional description if the item is recovered by the police.
  • Provide a checklist, so that everything lost or stolen can be claimed for.
  • Show that on the date stated, the item existed and was examined by the signatory.
  • Ensure that in the event of any disagreement with the insurance company or loss adjusters you have a firm foundation on which to base your case.