Does Resizing a Ring Cause Damage?

Resizing a ring is a tricky process. Some rings simply cannot be resized, depending on the ring itself, However if it can be resized there is always a slight possibility that it can cause the material to weaken.

How Do you Know if Rings are a Right Fit?

The ring should slide over your knuckle, it shouldn’t be too tight that you have to force it into place, but also shouldn’t be too loose that it can fall off without intention. The term we look for is ‘snug’. 

How Can I tell My Watch Size?

Measuring your wrist is the perfect place to start, if you’re unsure we can provide this service at our workshop.

Can I Replace My Watch Batteries?

Although a large number of jewellers have  stopped replacing watch batteries, we at A Lea still provide the service, and are more than happy to repair any damaged watch in our Aberdare Workshop. 

How Much Does a Watch Battery Replacement Cost?

Typically we look at the Watch brand and whether or not it requires a specific battery, you can expect replacement batteries to begin around £8.

How Long Do Watch Batteries Last?

One Year. If you begin changing your battery more than once a year it could be time to have your watch serviced to understand if there are any other issues. 

Can I Clean Royal Selangor Pewter?

Yes! Mixing white vinegar and flour to create a paste and dabbing on the pewter with a soft cloth, and rinsing off gently is the best way to clean your Royal Selangor Pewter.