Captain America First Avenger Figurine By Royal Selangor 017939R

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Wielding his famous shield, Captain America braces for a fight.

COLLECTABLE- Just one of a collection of mini collectable figurines in the Marvel universe.

PEWTER- Lovingly sculptured with the fortitude of pewter.

IDEAL FOR GIFTING – For that superhero who lives inside of us all. Is there anyone better than the First Avenger.


Product code 017939R

Size H11.5cm including base x 13.5cm x 12.5cm
Shield in hand, Captain America charges forward and readies to throw a devastating punch in one fluid move, the sculpture rendered in the dynamic style and distinctive costume of the Bronze Age of comics. The First Avenger’s plinth echoes his signature five-pointed star insignia.

This work showcases the combined creativity of Malaysians Alan Quah and Mufizal Mokhtar, artists highly respected by the international comics and collectibles communities.

Steve rogers, born in Brooklyn  was a world war II veteran, Rogers desperately tried to enlist in the army on multiple occasions, but having always told he was too small or suffered to many health issued he was rejected from the US Army.  Until finally, rogers enrolled in ‘project rebirth’ of which he received the super solider serum, Steve was reborn with the serum, significantly enhancing his physical abilities to superhuman conditions. With his new enhanced body, Steve believed he would be fighting the war at the front line, defending his country, however as time went on he appeared to merely be the ‘front man’ and publicity factor for the war, a mascot under the name of ‘Captain America’.

However, Steve did regain his Hero moments, saving allied prisoners from Hydra, and ultimately helped his allies win the war, whilst also making improvements in his love life, with a certain love interest Peggy Carter ( AKA Agent Carter, founder and member of S.H.I.E.L.D). On his final mission nearing the end of the war, Steve crash landed in the Arctic, leaving him unconscious and frozen for over 60 years before S.H.I.E.L.D. eventually recovered his body.

Since then Rogers had awoken, and struggled to fit back in to life and the world around him, with Peggy being almost 80 years older now, his best friend and former army ally James ‘Bucky’ Barnes MIA, Rogers is headhunted by Nick Fury, to join a team of ‘Avengers’ under the ‘Avengers Initiative’ to help protect the world from the unknown. Throughout the MCU we see Steve grow and adapt to life in the 2000’s, building strong friendships with other Avengers, and helping take down HYDRA once and for all.

Although it is not always smooth sailing for Captain America, with the news of Bucky still being alive, brought relief and terror, as Bucky had been activated as the Winter Soldier, a sleeper agent designed to kill anyone, just like Steve James received the Soldier Serum, although was brainwashed to serve HYDRA. It was then that Captain America learned that it was Bucky who killed Howard Stark, Tony Starks (Iron Mans) Father and  Mother, leaving a divide amongst the Avengers as Tony feels betrayed by his former friend and team mate.

Although relationships between the two become strained, they both continue to fight alongside each other till the very end, in which Tony sacrifies himself for the greater good of the world, it seems Captain America also finds peace, by returning the infinity stones one buy one to their natural places at the end of Endgame, we see that Steve decided to stay in the past, with his true love Peggy, and live his remaining days alongside the love of his life.