Necklace knots happen to the best of us. Perhaps you were shopping for new bangles, and ended up with a knot in your necklace. Or you hooked it up to the wrong kind of pendant. Whatever the reason, necklaces end up getting tangled more often than we’d like them to. As soon as we hook them on, our fingers start undoing those knots from their tight coils. But how do we untangle a knot in a necklace? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading to know everything you need to know about removing knots from your necklaces.
What Causes A Knot To Form In A Necklace?
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Usually, if you see a knot starting to form in your necklace it can be from many things. One common cause of a necklace chain tangling is sleeping with the necklace on. If you do this, then your necklace chain may form a stubborn knot that will be difficult to get out. To prevent this from happening, make sure you take all jewellery off before going to bed and keep your necklaces safe by storing them in a space where they won’t get caught up and tangled with each other.
Using a safety pin
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Firstly, you should place your necklace on a smooth and flat surface to make sure there are no scratches to the pendant and to help you get a better view of the knot you will be untangling. Then, using either a safety pin, a needle or a tiny screwdriver, you can wiggle the knot until it becomes loose enough to untangle. Repeat this as many times as is needed until the necklace fully untangles.
Using Baby Oil
olive oil
Using the baby oil or olive oil will act as a lubricant for the necklace. To use the baby oil/olive oil to untangle the necklace, dip a cotton swab or a paper towel into a small amount of the chosen oil and then gently dab where the knot is on the necklace. Massage the oil into the knot if it is particularly tight. Proceed to gently pick the knot apart with your fingers or a needle until it fully unravels. To clean off the remainder of the oil on the chain, you can dip the necklace into a bowl of water and mild soap and then clean the necklace with soapy water and a paper towel.
Using Baby Powder
This is more of an alternative to the baby oil if you don’t have any of that. In the same way, that baby oil acts as a lubricant for the necklace chain, the baby powder does too. Sprinkle the baby powder onto the knotted area and massage gently using your fingers or a tissue. Then, carefully start to pick the tangled necklace apart. Once you have successfully untied the necklace knot, you can rinse off the remainder of the baby powder with a cleaning solution of mild soapy water.
Using Windex
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This is an underrated solution to untangling a tightly knotted chain. The method with Windex is very similar to using baby oil. Use a cotton swab and gently dab it into the knotted area. Get a container and place the necklace carefully on the inside. After this, place the container on something around the house that vibrates, something like a washing machine would be perfect for this. Then, if you leave the necklace for a few minutes, you will see it begin to untangle by itself. When you see the chain begin to loosen, you can gently start picking the knot apart.
Visiting A Jewellers
If all else fails, you can visit a professional jewellers who will use special tools and skills in order to untangle your necklace with the highest care. There would be careful measures taken to make sure that there is no damage or breakage of the chain. Here at A Lea Jewellers, we are highly trained professionals who will be able to untangle any necklace within 5 minutes!
June 28, 2023 — Gethin Jones

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