The tree of life or otherwise known as the tree of immortality is a beautiful representation of all life on Earth connecting as one. All life and personal growth are often associated with the tree. The tree of life symbol first surfaced when archaeologists identified this symbol in Turkey that dated back to 7000 B.C. Many cultures and religions view this tree of life from a different perspective, however, they all incorporate similar meanings and teachings. Here are some of the well-known meanings associated with the divine tree:
Connection– Connection is a deep-rooted meaning associated with this tree. The branches and roots of the tree all represent the connection between the universe and Mother Nature. Our souls are all created from the Universe and as human beings, we are all spiritually connected. 
Family– When a person wants to find out who the members of their family are and ancestors from previous decades, it is a common method to create a family tree. Essentially, this maps out all of the members of your family, including grandparents that can reach numerous generations back into the past.
Strength– The roots of a tree are extremely strong as they have to protect the tree from falling over or breaking if there are strong winds and extreme weather. This represents how humans have to deal with everyday problems in their life. The roots are stable through the toughest of storms, much like humans when it comes to issues that involve a lot of emotion and struggle, it is in our nature to pick ourselves back up and face the problem head-on.
The Cycle Of Life– This is a meaning that originated from Celtic culture. They regard the life cycle of a tree as the same as a human life cycle which starts with birth, ends with death, and then miraculously starts with rebirth again known as reincarnation. Seeds that are produced by trees are then used to grow new trees so this closely resembles the meaning of a rebirth.
Abundance– When Autumn starts to appear, the leaves on a tree start to die and fall off the branches. However, trees don’t try to hold onto their leaves as they have the comfort in knowing that their leaves will grow back in Spring thanks to the caring wisdom of the Earth.
Norse Mythology Family Tree
viking warrior on black background
The ash tree that is famous in Norse mythology is called Yggdrasil, also referred to as the gigantic world tree that is closely associated with the Viking’s existence. The 9 worlds that exist in Norse mythology are all connected by the central world tree. It is believed that this is also where Odin sacrificed himself. This special tree is a sacred symbol of the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. Chinese mythology perceives the Yggdrasil tree as a phoenix/dragon. Also, in North America, they believe the tree is part of the Sky-World and is the centre of all the universe. Fertility, strength, knowledge, and eternal life are all universal symbols of this central world tree.
What Does The Tree Of Life Symbolise In Buddhism?
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Buddhists acknowledge the Tree of Knowledge is known as the Bodhi-tree and is seen as the Tree of Enlightenment. Buddhist teachings explain that whilst sitting close to the Bodhi tree, an individual will achieve spiritual enlightenment and power. It is highly respected and meditation under a Bhodi tree is considered sacred.
What does the Tree of Life symbolise in Christianity?
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A divine tree can symbolise many things, for example, the Tree of Knowledge is a prominent part of the Bible story. The Tree of Life was located in the Garden of Eden in the Bible, this tree contained forbidden fruit that Adam and Eve were specifically told not to eat by God, however, Eve disobeyed God’s orders and ate the fruit and gave in to the temptation of the snake. Therefore, trees are closely related to wisdom and the ability to resist temptation when needed. The tree of immortality has its name for a reason, they are some of the oldest elements of nature to exist on Earth, and that’s why they also reflect wisdom.
Tree Of Life Jewellery
Recently, the Welsh jewellery brand Clogau has released the ‘Tree of Life collection. Jewellery included in this collection all includes an exquisite design that incorporates the tree of life theme which has a combination of berries, leaves, and vines. This collection aims to show the eternal continuation of life from Clogau gold rings to bracelets to lockets to Clogau gold earrings that are all available in sterling silver and Clogau gold. Every piece of Clogau jewellery contains rare Welsh gold that has been obtained from the Clogau St David’s mine.
June 28, 2023 — Gethin Jones

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