Welsh dragons have been revered and worshipped in Wales for thousands of years. These days, Welsh dragon jewellery is more popular than ever. Whether you’re a casual buyer or an avid treasure hunter, finding the best Welsh dragon jewellery has never been easier thanks to the many websites that are dedicated to helping you find your perfect piece.
Welsh dragons are known by many names throughout their long history, they’re sometimes called ‘draig ddu’ in Welsh and most times simply ‘dragons’. Dragons can be found all over Wales, not just in the Highlands which most people think of when they think of ancient Celtic culture. There are cave drawings in Wales that depict some of these dragons as well. It was known as a way for ancient people to show respect to their gods and ancestors, with avoiding talking about them directly.
welsh flag on blue background
In this article, we’ll explain everything you need to know about buying Welsh dragon jewellery. This will be including, where to find them, types of jewellery sold under this category and other tips if you’re interested in researching and buying.
The most popular selling Welsh dragon jewellery would definitely be the Clogau range, who are known for selling dragon necklaces, dragon pendants, dragon bracelets, dragon earring, dragon rings etc. All of these are inspired by Welsh culture and designs.
Clogau was first introduced to the public during the year of 1898. A man named William Roberts took a trip to Snowdonia and made a fascinating discovery. Hidden within the mountains was an abandoned gold mine. After making the discovery, Williams’ original idea was to turn it into a tourist attraction where it would be open to the public to pan for gold. However, this idea was not permitted since Snowdonia is part of the National Park. Instead of this, he decided to create a high quality, unique jewellery line, wherein each item contains a small amount of Welsh gold with Wales being the main inspiration for the designs. Here are some products that Clogau have produced that include the iconic Welsh dragon.
This pendant is crafted with the highest quality rose gold and sterling silver. The design is so unique on this silver dragon necklace and expertly handcrafted to mirror the Welsh dragon that can be seen on the Welsh flag. Featured in this rare pendant is a small amount of Welsh gold to tie in with the overall inspiration of Wales. The famous dragon can be traced back to the legend of Merlin and King Arthur. It is believed that a red dragon and a white dragon fought each other and the red dragon took the victory. Hence why the red dragon is the centrepiece of the Welsh flag. This would make a wonderful gift for a Welsh patriot or someone who loves Wales in general. Clogau has made this pendant in both sterling silver and yellow gold for your preference.
Next, we have the glorious silver and gold Welsh dragon stud earrings. The Welsh dragon stud earrings are a beautiful addition to the Welsh dragon jewellery collection. This dragon earring is similar to the pendant, these are also crafted with the finest sterling silver and rose gold. The same as the pendant, this has the iconic Welsh dragon design. The perfect gift for somebody on St David’s Day. This is a day when the whole of Wales pays their respects to the Patron Saint of Wales. He is famous for performing near to impossible miracles such as; restoring sight to a blind man and resurrection. The simplistic design of these earrings means they can be worn anywhere, whether that is to a sophisticated meal out or to work every day. Clogau has also made these in sterling silver and yellow Clogau gold.
Welsh Dragon Cufflinks 
Another exquisite piece of jewellery, part of the Welsh dragon collection would be the cufflinks. These are also made with astonishing Welsh gold and rose gold. This has the exact same design as the dragon pendant and the dragon earrings so these cufflinks can be matched with the earrings and necklace. The hidden symbolic meaning behind these dragon cufflinks would be courage. Therefore, these would be the perfect dragonm gifts for someone who you consider to be a strong person. These are also available in sterling silver and yellow gold.
Hopefully, this has provided you with helpful information about all things Welsh dragon jewellery related! Clogau is not the only place that you can purchase Welsh dragon themed jewellery from of course, but here at A Lea Jewellers, we can gaurentee reliability and high quality jewellery from our Clogau range!
June 28, 2023 — Gethin Jones

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