The Star Wars franchise has been around for nearly 40 years and has built an immense fan base. The franchise has spawned numerous video games, trading cards, merchandise, and more. The franchise has also introduced new species and alien races, many of which have become fan favourites. With so many Star Wars fans out there, it’s no surprise that there’s so much curiosity around the franchise. What is Spice In Star Wars? We’ll answer that question and more. Here is everything you have ever wanted to know about the mysterious substance known as Spice in the Star Wars universe.
What Is Spice In Star Wars?
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Spice has become the popular name for an illicit substance that was in high demand in the Star Wars galaxy. This was discovered in the mines located in Kessel, where the Wookies were held as slaves and forced to carry out spice mining and turn the mineral medicine into a drug. Poe Dameron was a valued member of an organisation known as Spice Runners. The Spice Runners were involved with the illegal shipment of spice or better known as ‘spice smugglers’. Another well-known character identified in the Star Wars books is Hondo Ohnaka who sold many spice variants on the black markets. To transport the spice and other illegal drugs, a starship known as a Spice Freighter is used. Luke Skywalker was lied to by Owen Lars, claiming that Anakin Skywalker (Luke’s father) had once been a navigator of a Spice Freighter. Spice also makes an appearance in Frank Herbert’s Dune books. This is believed to be similar to the Spice that is famous in Star Wars.
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The spice runners in Star Wars originated from Kijimi in the New Republic Era. This clan of spice runners included the Anezellan droidsmith Babu Frik and Poe Dameron. Along with other characters such as; Tomasso, Gen Tri and Zori Bliss. The Spice Runners job is to usually transport the illegal drug onto a ship and smuggle it into places so they can sell and profit from it.
Another variant of spice found in the Star Wars books and movies is Nyriaan Spice. Nyriaan Spice was originally formed by processing chemicals found in the mire nettle that originated from a planet called Nyriaan. As one of the few substances in demand, the addictive narcotic was described to provide a spice user with a euphoric reaction. Nyriaan spice was advertised by Black Sun and the Hutt kajidics in the Outer and Inner Rim Territories. 
Spice is a trade commodity that has been introduced in the Star Wars franchise. Spice is an illegal substance that was turned into a recreational drug using medicinal spice minerals. As of now, there are limited amounts of this drug on Earth, but it is said that one day there may be enough to make it available on Earth. The trade-in Spice was first mentioned in the 1978 novel Splinter of the Mind’s Eye by George Lucas. In the novel, Luke Skywalker returns from exile to find himself at a gathering where people are selling “spice.” When he asks what he should do with his pay, someone tells him not to worry about it because “the spice will take care of itself.” In Star Wars: The Clone Wars television series and Return Of The Jedi film, Obi-Wan Kenobi mentions the spice trade when telling Luke Skywalker about Darth Vader’s turn to the dark side.
Even though the drug is illegal, Imperial Moffs such as; Moff Ghadi were recognisable users of the drug. Spice made its first appearance in the live-action version of Boba Fett, this included the recovered narcotic powder found in a repulsorlift train which belonged to Pyke Syndicate, it then continued to be identified as an illegal substance during the time of the New Republic. 
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Many people who follow the story of Boba Fett, the infamous human crime lord whose career lasted many decades. His customised suit of Mandalorian armour is what makes this character so iconic. He was also known as one of the most feared bounty hunters that existed in galaxy. The spice that is featured in the series, is known as Sansanna spice, which is mined from Kessel.
What Is Spice Used For In Star Wars?
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In the Star Wars universe, Spice was known as one of the most famous mind-altering substances that could be injected into one’s bloodstream to give them enhanced physical performance and the ability to dodge blaster bolts. The mind-altering drug also provided an individual with the ability to experience telepathic abilities. In the film Rogue One, it is revealed that there were two types of spice in the Star Wars universe: red and blue. Red is a stronger version of blue and is used by the Rebels to power their ship. It was also mentioned that each Rebel ship had its unique blend for its pilots. The Imperials use blue spice mixed with other substances to enhance their physical performance and give them an edge in battle. They are then able to fight better while being able to dodge blaster bolts.
Spice In Star Wars Aids Mental Clarity. Although Spice was mainly used as a means of enhancing physical performance in the Star Wars universe, some users also found that it helped with mental clarity. This would allow someone on the battlefield who had taken a dose of this drug to have a better understanding of what’s happening around them, therefore making things easier for them on the battlefield. This would be especially helpful if they were a to figure out how best to fight against an unknown force like Darth Vader or any other villain from the series who has superpowers or special abilities because they can use those abilities more effectively.
This is what you need to know about Spice in Star Wars. It’s a wonder drug that’s all around us and has been around for thousands of years. It’s also the key to life, death, and immortality in the Star Wars Universe. In the Star Wars Universe, it’s what gives you the power to be a Jedi, Sith, or any other Force-using character. It changes your life, and it’s what makes the Galaxy so big. That’s why you need to be prepared. You need to know what Spice is, the history of its use, and what it does in the Star Wars Universe to stay alive when you’re out in it.
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