Have you been looking for a perfect gift set for your loved ones? Are they a big fan of Star Wars? If yes, they might have favourite characters from the movie that they’re fond of. From vicious Darth Vader to heroic captain of Millenium Falcon Han Solo, to the new generation heroes such as Rey and Kylo Ren, we have a handful of Star Wars figurine collections that you can choose from. 
Do you want to know what makes them unique and worth the investment, and ideal for gifting? If yes,Take a look around our Star Wars figurine collection and reminisce the most memorable characters from the Star Wars Franchise
Darth Vader Figurine
The infamous and iconic villain of Star Wars, who had the potential to be one of the most powerful Jedi but turned into the dark side, was reimagined with replicas that show off his wrath and power. Here are some of the Sith Lord’s figurines that will make you appreciate him despite being on the dark side of Star Wars. 
Darth Vader Bust
Silver Darth VaderSilver Darth Vader
This brilliant finish pewter portrays Sith Lord’s dark powers and sadistic pleasure in destroying anything that gets in his way. It captures every detail from his helmet to his bust and shows what more than meets the eye.  
Black Darth Vader 
Black Darth VaderBlack Metallic Darth Vader
This limited edition black Darth Vader bust figurine with ominous hue and detailed features from masked helmet to bust shows depth into the dark character of Sith Lord. It was produced with brilliant finish pewter with tinted clearcoat placed on top of porcelain pedestal. 
Gilt Darth Vader
Gilt Darth VaderGolden Gilt Darth Vader
The gold hue in this Dark Vader replica was achieved by adding 24K gilding to the pewter finish. Although its design and position are similar to the two previous figurines, this version’s finish provides a dramatic distinction and a glimpse of what Darth Vader could be in the light. 
Darth Vader Keyring
The replica of Sith Lord Darth Vader’s masked helmet was artistically created with bright polished pewter. 
Han Solo Figure
Han solo holding laser blaster pistol Han Solo and Blaster
This limited-edition figurine that depicts the Corellian smuggler’s bravery shows Han Solo holding his blaster pistol with an expression of courage, ready to fight against his enemies and fight for what he believes. It was meticulously rendered to convey an empowering message of Han Solo’s character. There are only 5,000 pieces worldwide and 500 in the UK, making it high-priced and worth keeping for your collection.  
Chewbacca Limited Edition Figurine
Chewbacca holding crossbow rifle Chewbacca & Crossbow
Despite his stern look and short temper, this legendary Wookie warrior has an adorable, kind heart and loyalty to his friends. As Han Solo’s co-pilot aboard Millenium Falcon, he’s got the skills of a great warrior from sniper-like proficiency to accuracy with a bowcaster. No wonder his character was worth the affectionate homage. 
Kylo Ren Limited Edition figurine
Kylo Ren holding triple ended lightsaberKylo Ren holding Lightsaber
The dark warrior Kylo Ren has the confidence as he gets ready to strike with his unconventional crossguard lightsaber and unleash his telekinetic abilities and his power all at once. And in this figurine, the complex character of Kylo was brought to life by capturing every detail about him, from his heavily-textured hood cape to his dark mask to his enigmatic presence. 
Rey Limited Edition Figurine
Rey skywalker/ palpatine holding lightsaberRey with Lightsaber
This young Jakku scavenger’s character with an undetermined past started as no one but turned out to be a diamond in the rough. She discovered her potential, nascent abilities and skill in using lightsabers under Jedi Master Skywalker’s tutelage and was pitted against the most powerful forces in the galaxy. And this figure shows her as a force to be reckoned with. 
Boba Fett Star Wars Figurine
Boba fett the bounty hunter  mandalorianBoba Fett the Bounty Hunter
Known as one of the most feared bounty hunters in the galaxy and a genetic clone of his father, Boba Fett is nothing ordinary in his Mandalorian armour. From his helmet to his blaster rifle down to his armour plates, every detail in this figurine was keenly observed, making his appearance as fierce as his battles, Fans were delighted to know Fett’s survival after the big reveal during season 2 of the much loved Mandalorian series on Disney+.
Captain Phasma Figurine
Captain Phasma of the First OrderCaptain Phasma of the First Order
This limited-edition figurine of the First Order’s cold-blooded captain shows Phasma on reflective armour with a fierce and badass stature while holding a blaster rifle. The holster and utility belt on her waist just add finer details to this brightly-polished pewter sculpture, and the coat makes her a special female stormtrooper.  
Death Trooper Figurine
Death TrooperDeath Trooper
The elite variant of the Galactic Empire’s stormtrooper is called death troopers for a reason. These genetically enhanced soldiers trained for stealth, espionage, and lethality served as bodyguards for high-ranking Imperial officers and special assignment commandos. And the characters and features of this Imperial soldier being brought to life are fantastic, from the exact geometry of the helmet to the arsenal of gadgets on its body. 
Stormtrooper figurine
Stormtroopers, the Imperial army’s backbone, was also reimagined and recreated to produce a detailed figurine with a classic white helmet and white armour packed with a wide range of survival equipment climate control. Every part has been sculpted skillfully, from its segmented body plates, blaster rifle to its iconic helmet, making this figurine of a soldier of a galactic empire worth every penny you’ll spend. 
Yoda Figurine
Jedi Master Yoda on the Dagobah SystemMaster Yoda
The Jedi Master Yoda, renowned for his wisdom, is also available in our Star Wars collection. The wizened body features and determined eyes and position that is about to show off his formidable prowess with a lightsaber on his hands are on point and detailed in every way. 
If you want a unique sight of Yoda manifesting the power of focus and his mastery of the Force, then the limited edition Jedi master limited-edition figurine would suit your taste. This dramatic figurine shows Yoda bringing Skywalker’s submerged X-wing from the Dagoba marshes with ease on a Dagobah swamp backdrop with gnarled roots in bonded porcelain, twisted roots in bonded porcelain. 
Mandalorian Boba Fett Keyring
This intricately designed Mandalorian bounty hunter’s helmet keyring with an accompanying rangefinder gives off an enigmatic appearance and unique look. With its reasonable pricing and design, this high-end collectible is the most feared bounty hunter in the galaxy; Boba Fett. 
Why They’re the Perfect Collectors Gift Set
Royal Selangor created these figurines, a world-famous brand known for high-quality pewters, to pay affectionate homage to the iconic Star War characters, both villains and heroes who impacted the film. 
The cast pewter from Royal Selangor consists of 92% to 97% tin with a relatively small proportion of copper and antimony, making it the highest international standard for pewter. Therefore, they are guaranteed to be strong and durable. 
Since Star Wars are now playing on Disney+, it can be a perfect present for die-hard fans and collectors who enjoy binge-watching the saga. It comes with Star Wars official licensee packaging, and most of these beautiful products of intense craftsmanship are limited edition. Therefore, these are ideal for the most distinguished collectors who love to invest in this type of unique figurine collection. 
June 28, 2023 — Gethin Jones

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