Are you looking for a statement silver piece that’s ideal for gifting for an excellent price, or perhaps you’re looking for fine jewellery to match your outfit over the holiday period. With Ti Sento you can find everything you’re looking for, from sophisticated silver pendants faceted with zirconias to the minimalistic modern ring pieces, Ti Sento atelier is filled with high-fashion pieces of jewellery that can captulate your personality and channel the creativity and elegance within you. 
But, finding the right jewel for you can often be overwhelming, especially with the amount of choices colour, style, stone etc. So, in this guide, we will discuss how to find the right jewellery pieces that suit your personality and style and answer some of the most asked questions such as. 
How to find great jewellery on a budget?
How to understand which jewellery compliments your style most?
Followed by some most important Ti Sento FAQ’s to help guide your purchase decisions. 
Discovering Your Style
Here are several ways to find the jewellery style that suits you, your taste and personality. 
1. Analyze your closet
Discover your style through checking your favourite pieces in your wardrobe. Find out the most common colour, shape, prints and fabrics or silhouettes that reflect your signature look like flowy tops with floral prints or box shirts with casual jeans. After spotting the style you prefer, you can now start choosing the Ti Sento jewellery that complements it without overriding it. For example, one of the most important things to consider when purchasing a necklace is whether the neckline of your outfit will compliment the necklace style. 
2. Observe Your Daily Routine
You may not notice it at first, but your daily activities can affect your choice of jewellery items. For example, celebrities, business presenters, and the salesperson might choose necklaces and earrings that can draw attention to their face while others may prefer rings, bracelets, and bangles more as a subtle jewellery piece. Therefore, when choosing a jewel from Ti Sento, you must consider your daily routines and choose one that can make you feel good and confident, another important fact to consider is if your daily routine consists of a lot of exercise or a job that  keeps you on your toes you might opt for a more fitted jewellery piece.
3. Choose your current favourites
lady with drop charm bracelet
Your favourite jewels which have special significance to you like your first proposal ring or a bracelet from your significant other or a gift from your birthday can be a great addition to your collection. And don’t hesitate to buy one that is similar to your favourites if it takes a special place in your heart. For example many brands offer a ‘ring stacking’ process to their rings, these are often similar and matching rings that when stacked can create an overall look.
4. Show off your favourite colours
See what colour compliments with your skin tone and looks best on you and what colour outfit is the most occurring in your closet. Whether it’s fiery red, bright yellow or serene blue, make sure it highlights your best features and brings out the best in you. For example, if you have hazel eyes, you may find a blue dress appealing as it makes your eyes look more captivating while green pieces of jewellery might make blue eyes deeper. You may try contrasting green and blue or go blue with another blue for a more subtle look. Having loads of choices from Ti Sento will make your buying process more exciting when discovering the new range of products you can colour coordinate with.
5. Keep playing with fashion
The best and the most common way to find your style is to keep experimenting until you find the best on the go combos that you can wear regularly or special events. You may try pairing your new jewellery with other pieces like matching colourful ones with pastels or formal pieces with florals and prints. And as your personality changes over time, your taste might also evolve, but you will still find this process helpful in finding the best fashion choices for you. 
How To Find Quality Jewellery On A Budget
different colour and style gemstone rings
Every Ti Sento jewel is made from premium sterling silver and quality stone materials. That’s why we can guarantee that every piece is durable, but some can be more expensive than other designs. But even if you’re on a tight budget, you can still show off your inner fashionista with the most cost-effective and stunning jewellery from Ti Sento. Here are some tips on how to find quality jewellery that won’t break the bank. 
1. Know What You’re Looking For
Every purchase counts if you have limited funds so do a little research or find looks you want to take inspiration for and list the Ti Sento pieces you wish to add to your jewellery box and stick to your budget. It’s important when looking for a specific piece that you know what type of variations are and which ones you can afford in your price-range. 
2. Be More Particular With The Materials
Materials play a significant role in a jewel’s quality and price, so it’s critical to be more selective in choosing the materials that are easier on the wallet but can pull-out any look. For example, when looking for a gemstone, you can opt for human-made or lab-grown options. If you want to achieve the beauty of a diamond without much expense, you can also purchase jewels with low-cost stones like zirconias or created moissanite. They are identical to the ones found in nature but more cost-effective. Metals like titanium and sterling silver which are used in all Ti Sento products look beautiful and stunning on their own, but they also blend well when plated with gold and rose gold, and in many cases can be easier on the wallet. 
3. Shop During Sales
Earing sale
The best time to get a discounted TI Sento jewel is during seasonal or holiday sales. We offer up to 40% off to our items so you can surely save some money because the shipping is free and it comes with a luxurious box that’s ideal for gifting. 
What you can find from our Ti Sento Collection
Ti Sento Earrings
Earrings are one of the most important jewellery in a woman because it highlights a person’s beautiful features, and it completes the outfit. However, it must be balanced, and it must complement the person’s face shape. At Ti Sento, every earring is created to perfection, and each piece possesses unique charisma that will enhance your everyday look and your formal outfits, from teardrop to studded gems Ti Sento offers a wide range of earring styles to compliment any hairdo or fashion statement. 
Types of Earrings Ti Sento offers:
  • Stud earrings: It is one of the most popular styles of earrings that features a simple yet stylish and comfortable design. It is usually small on the side and fits snuggle on above the ear lobe without dropping or looping downward or climbing upward. 
  • Hoop earrings: With a shape like hoops, it’s designed to loop from the front earlobe to the back. It usually comes in round design, but you can also find a triangle, square and oval versions of it. 
  • Drop earrings: This type is a bit lengthy, and it hangs down below the earlobe in usually a stationary way like an extended stud earring. 
  • 18 ct gold with Rhodium plating
  • Premium 925 sterling silver
  • Adorned with precious stones like Malachite green gemstones, pearls, corals and zirconias
Prices start at £45. 
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Ti Sento Rings
diamond shaped ring
The fun doesn’t need to stop on your ears and neck alone. By exploring and looking for the right rings for you, you’ll find that your fingers don’t need to be boring because there are so many choices from Ti Sento for you that fits within your budget. If you want an Italian style ring or a ring with a modern twist, Ti Sento has a lot of options that can step up the fashion in your hands. 
  • 18 ct gold with Rhodium plating
  • Made with premium 925 sterling silver
  • Stones set by hands
  • Perfect for stacking
Prices start at £45. 
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Ti Sento Necklaces
There’s no doubt that necklaces are possibly the most eye-catching jewellery piece. Ti Sento Milano has a fair share of unique and elegant necklaces that are worthy of being an addition to your collection. Most of these are pretty iconic statement pieces like the flower buds, and others have a modern twist like the double rings, and others were derived and inspired by nature like precious pearls and animal skin designs. 
  • 18 ct gold with Rhodium plating
  • Premium 925 sterling silver
  • Stones set by hands
Prices start from £79.
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Ti Sento Bracelets
Ti Sento also offers a wide range of bracelet jewellery choices that stands out naturally and complements with other wrists jewellery. Whether you’re looking for a pearl bracelet that’s on trend this year, a simple chain where you can hang your charms on or a silver bracelet with handset gold-plated band finished with malachite stones and zirconias; you’ll definitely find an elegant piece for yourself from Ti Sento. 
– Rhodium-plated
– 18ct 
– Made from 925 sterling silver
– Secure locks
Prices start at £25. 
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What others can say about Ti Sento products
big pendant necklace
Many customers are delighted with Ti Sento products. The durable silver sterling quality and elegant aesthetics never disappoint and here’s what our customers say about that. 
“These earrings were just what I was looking for—sturdy, good-quality material and still elegant. I love pearls, and I had the look of real pearls without authenticity. I am never disappointed when I order from Ti Sento-Milano. I highly recommend this company. They deliver promptly, despite being international. You have delivered again, Ti Sento!”
– N. Branch
Nancy purchased a pair of Ti Sento Pearl Earrings – 7761PW with a statement pearl piece that enhances the beauty of silver, and she was astonished and beyond satisfied with the quality and ageless design it offers. 
“I bought earrings through Tisento, and the service is excellent, beautifully packaged and right on time.”
– M. Evers
Evers purchased a pair of Ti Sento Milano teardrop earrings and was impressed with the quality of service and beautiful packaging of her purchase. 
“I am really happy with these beautiful subtle earrings! Stones are also really beautiful!”
– D. Groen
Even the most simple Ti Sento Milano stud earrings are slayer in style, and Groen can attest to that because every stone set in our earrings is made with great attention to the smallest details to make sure every piece is stunning. 
Frequently Asked Questions About Ti Sento
How much are Ti Sento products?
Ti Sento jewellery prices vary depending on the stone, design and presence of gold coating but their silver earrings typically range from as low as £35 to as much as £129. The silver rings cost around £65- £79 while the double ring costs about £129 – £139. The bracelet’s price starts at £99 but can range to about £429, depending on the stones used and the design. Pendants from Ti Sento can be yours at around £65.40 to £199 while necklaces are usually priced at £199 to £299.  
Where to buy Ti Sento?
multicoloured green ring
Here at A Lea Jewellers, you can buy Ti Sento products with complimentary gift wrapping, free shipping, and 30 days no questions returns for hassle-free shopping. We are a reputable retailer of Ti Sento products and we can guarantee that all our products are genuine and of top quality, shipped throughout the UK. 
Are Ti Sento products expensive?
Ti Sento rings, earrings, bracelets and pendants are made with premium sterling silver and 18ct gold and plated with Rhodium which explains why it is quite expensive. However, it offers an excellent value with its iconic and elegant designs plus luxury silk pouch and box.  
How to clean a Ti Sento Bracelet?
You can maintain the lustre and shine of your Ti Sento jewellery by wiping it with a soft cloth regularly. You may then remove the dirt with the use of a soft toothbrush, and washing-up liquid and rinse it with water. And wipe it dry using a soft cloth. Do not use scouring pads, harsh chemicals and abrasive cleaners to avoid leaving smears and scratches on your jewellery.
June 28, 2023 — Gethin Jones

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