Do you need to get your watch repaired? If its hand and dial system has been broken or the battery needs replacement, we highly advise getting help from experts to fix the damages and underlying issues. A Lea Jewellers offer a wide range of watch repair services that will help you restore your precious timepiece at the highest standard. 
In this guide, we’ll take you to the watch repair processes and services to give you an insight into how we bring back your timepiece to its original form.
Watch Repair Processes
Watch Parts dismantled for repair
A watch is a mechanical wonder composed of different parts that must work together in harmony to keep it running. And fixing it requires a lengthy and tricky process since some screws are almost invisible to the unaided human eye. Here are the things involved in repairing a timepiece:
  • Disassemble & Inspection
We will inspect the band and clasp of the watch to check if there are external signs of damage or other visible problems. We will then open the case and examine it for visible damages and remove the movement and disassemble it for cleaning and inspect other parts such as gears, jewels and pinions while removing them one by one. 
  • Cleaning
Every part of the movement, case, and band will then be disbanded to undergo a separate multi-step cleaning process that will remove all oils, dust, corrosion, metal, or other contaminants.
  • Main Spring:
While assembling the parts of the movement, we will also fit a new mainspring to ensure that the watch will work properly. 
  • Oiling:
We would also lubricate the primary pivot points and jewels of the movement during the assembly using lubricants that are appropriate for the brand. 
  • Battery
We will then install a new battery that is authentic to your watch’s brand to ensure that it is compatible and to prolong the lifespan of your watch. 
  • Initial Regulation
We’d also need to regulate the movement by measuring its timing with the use of an accurate horological time instrument.
  • Case & Band Cleaning
After conducting a thorough inspection of the opened case, band, and clasp for wear, we then clean it chemically and ultrasonically. We’ll have it refinished by machine and hands to eliminate dents and scratches. 
  • Case Tube
Then, we’ll need to install a new case tube and gasket to make the movement more sturdy and durable.
  • Spring Bars
We will then install the new spring bars that will keep the watchband, clasps or links held in place and enable you to remove the band quickly for repair or adjustment.
  • Crystal
If the old crystal needs replacement, we will install a new crystal to ensure that the face of the watch is well-protected and free of scratches. 
  • Reassembly
After installation, we are going to reassemble the movement, case, and band.
  • Gaskets
Then, we’ll install the new back and crown gaskets that will help to protect the wristwatch/ pocket watch from dust, perfume, oil, and other residues that they are exposed to. 
  • Final Regulation
The assembled watch must undergo the final timing and pressure tests to ensure that the accuracy is as close to factory tolerances.
Watch Repair Services We Offer
Old watch repair and restored
Many local jewellers, like ourselves are more than happy to assist customers in their repairs and restoration needs, For example we offer a wide range of services that will ensure your watch is handled with care, replacement parts are obtained and damages are repaired.
Battery Replacement
Regular replacement of the watch battery is critical to prolong the lifespan of your timepiece and prevent further damages caused by friction and battery leakage. We value every precious watch; that’s why we aim to preserve its authenticity by using a battery that comes from your specified brand. We will source it promptly so that we can give you the quote on the day you inquire.
Dial Restoration
Since dials are prone to rust and other damages, if it becomes faulty or broken, the watch would most likely become completely ruined. That’s why it would be best to talk with experts about restoration as soon as it starts fading.
Glass Replacement
If the glass on your watch has some scratch or damage, our expert watchmakers can evaluate and source the replacement glass for your watch. In most instances, the price cost of replacement will depend on the type of glass needed, but the quote is always free. 
Watch Hand Replacement
Broken and loose watch hands need to be replaced to bring the timepiece back to life and make it more useful. So, we offer replacement services, and we ensure that only the exact brand of the hands will be used for your watch to preserve its value. 
Case and Bracelet Repairs
The case and bracelets of a watch make an impact to its overall aesthetics and is vitally essential to keep it secure in your wrist, so if they got broken or damaged, make sure to get it repaired. Our experts can help fix or remodel it if needed to make the structure intact without changing the shape.  
Pressure Testing
This test will examine whether your watch is water-resistant or not. This task involves ensuring the crown, case, and glass are well-sealed after the battery replacement to ensure that it is protected from water, dust, dirt and moisture.  
How Much a Watch Repair Can Typically Cost 
Having your watch repaired is often more cost-effective than buying a new one. A mechanical watch overhaul will be dependent on the repair required in most circumstances, with A Lea Jewellers our Repairs are measured by the work required, a quote will be provided for our customers on the day, no bookings required. 
Other Jewellery Repair Provided
Aside from watch repair, we also offer a range of repair and restoration services for old or damaged jewellery. 
Our experts are highly-skilled and passionate about jewellery maintenance. We take delight in transforming broken jewels and making it wearable again because we believe that every single piece of single jewellery can hold numerous memories from generation to generations. And we’d be happy to help in bringing back its original look and aesthetics. 
Our range of Jewellery repair service includes the following:
  • Ring Resizing
If your finger got larger or smaller, it doesn’t mean that you couldn’t wear your treasured ring anymore. By allowing experts to resize it, you’ll get to enjoy putting it on again comfortably. 
  • Clasp Repairs
The clasp is one of the essential parts of a watch because it provides opening and allows you to put on your timepiece and lock it. Therefore, keeping it in good condition and having it repaired by experts is necessary to keep your watch locked in your wrist.
  • Earring Repairs
You don’t have to abandon your favourite pair of earrings just because it’s broken or bent because our experts can repair it for you too. We use top quality machines that help to restore earrings and bring them broken pieces together. 
  • Jewellery Cleaning
Jewellery is an investment, so, keeping it clean and shining is essential to preserve its value and aesthetics. Additionally, dirty and unkept jewellery is a perfect place for bacteria to grow, and it can lead to allergy, skin irritation and discolouration, that’s why regular cleaning is necessary for jewels. 
  • Watch Strap Replacement
If the strap of your watch has been broken, replacing it is the best solution to make it look brand new again. Although you can DIY it at home, handling it to expert technicians will ensure that it is done correctly.
  • Bracelet Chain & Link Repairs
Broken and bent bracelet chain and links are still restorable so if you accidentally damaged your bangle, worry no more because we can help you out. 
  • Necklace Chain & Link repairs
Just like the bracelet chain or links, it is inevitable to get a necklace chain tangled, knotted up or broken. Still, our expert technicians are willing to fix and restore it into its original look as much as possible. 
  • Necklace Reshaping/ Lengthening 
If you want to prolong the chain of your necklace or reshape it, we can help you out by sourcing a matching portion of its chain to extend it into your desired length and alter its shape. 
So, if you have any problem with your jewellery or your watch doesn’t stay on time, or your wrist has gotten smaller or larger, or the band has worn out, bring it to our jewellery experts and get it adjusted or repaired. Whether its problem lies on its mechanics or at the exterior, we can make a way to restore the beauty of your favourite timepiece and keep it on track again. 
June 28, 2023 — Gethin Jones

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