Watch Repair

Founded by Alfred Lea in 1889 we pride ourselves on being the oldest independent jewellers in the cynon valley. 

We understand that jewellery can hold a very meaningful place in our hearts, our friendly and well experienced staff are happy to provide any repairs and restoration advice and services to ensure that your watch is serviced and is working to a high standard once again.


We offer a wide variety of repair and restoration services to ensure that we can provide the best service to assist you. We highly advise that all proud watch owners have their watch serviced once every 4-5 years to ensure that there are no underlying damages to keep in its best condition, enjoying the time piece for many more years to come. 

A service simply includes carrying out an in depth maintenance work, in which our experts will disassemble your watch and check for both external and internal damages, sourcing out any issues and providing replacement parts if and when needed.


Our Watch Restoration

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Dial Restoration

Dials are the most susceptible to rust and other damages. Having a faulty or broken dial system in many cases can lead to a watch that is almost completely ruined. If your watch’s dial has begun fading feel free to call us today and discuss a restoration. Our experts will gladly provide you with a no obligation quote.

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Glass Replacement

Has the glass on your watch become scratched? Have you damaged the exterior of your favourite watch? Our experts would be more than happy to evaluate and source the glass for your watch, we will be able to do this for many large scale watch brands and would be happy to provide you with a no obligation quote for the replacement. In many cases the price of the replacement will be purely on the type of glass required.

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Watch hand replacement

If the hands in your watch are loose, broken or have come off completely our experts would be happy to give you a no replacement quote, we would happily source the correct brands hands for you and discuss options

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Case and Bracelet repairs

Our case repair service will ensure that your watch is held together firmly and the structure and shape of your watch remains sound. In most cases our in-house experts will be able to remodel the case of your watch so that it remains intact.

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Battery replacement

It is recommended that a regular battery replacement should be done on watches with a long lifespan, it is intended to avoid any further damages from friction and battery leakage. We will aim to source the battery from your specified brand and can provide you with a quote on the day.

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Pressure testing

To ensure that your watch has a longer lifespan we can conduct pressure testing, this involves making sure the crown, case and glass is all sealed after a battery replacement ensuring a waterproof finish.

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Jewellery Repairs

Alongside our excellent watch repair service, we also offer  wide range of skills devoted to repair and restoring old or damaged jewellery.

We are extremely passionate about the maintenance of jewellery, we love seeing the delight in our customers faces when we repair what was once broken and thought to never be worn again, every piece of jewellery can hold memories for generations, our experts understand this and are dedicated to helping with any jewellery repair no matter how small or big. 

Our list of Jewellery repair service include the following;


  • Watch Strap Replacement
  • Bracelet Chain & Link Repairs
  • Ring Resizing
  • Earring Repairs
  • Necklace Chain & Link repairs
  • Jewellery Cleaning
  • Clasp Repairs
  • Necklace Reshaping/ Lengthening 

Watch & Jewellery Repair Inquiry

How To Find Us...

We conduct all of our repairs and restorations at our Aberdare store, you can find us in centered in the heart of Aberdare, whether you’re coming from Merthyr and following the A470 heads of the Valleys road, Glynneath from the A465 or Mountain Ash via the A4059 visit us today to discuss any repair requests you may have.