What necklace to wear with what neckline

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Unsure on how to properly compliment your outfit with jewellery? a great tip is to always consider the neckline. Matching necklaces with their ideal neckline is a fantastic way of giving the impression of a well put together and thought-through outfit. Often choosing the wrong necklace for the neckline can create a mis-match of shapes that aren’t complimentary and do more damage than good!

Let’s start with this famous neckline design that is flattering to most body types.

Different Neckline Types

  • V-neck
    Wearing a deep plunging v-neckline can draw attention to your cleavage. But you can further add a wow factor by pairing it up with a long chain necklace(15” to 18”) or a layered necklace. It can highlight or border your neck and make your neck look longer. V-neck can also go well with a sleek, multi-layered choker or an angular piece of jewellery that matches the shape of a V. The overall look would be surely captivating if you choose the right combos!
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  • Turtle neck
    A turtleneck topped with a short necklace design can look suffocating whilst also looking casual, this is perfect for a simple necklace chain or a small drop necklace. So this neckline type works better with a long cord with a statement pendant or beaded strands with a length of at least 18” because it has the magic to elongate and open the ensemble without making your look overdone and draw the attention from your neck.
  • Halter neck
    Halter neckline with busy or intricate designs might not combine well with a necklace, that’s why others prefer to add bling by pairing it with statement earrings. But short and narrow pendants with sharp ends might work well with some halter designs with a similar effect with a V-neck. But for halter tops that form a triangle as it goes up to your face, a triangular pendant that points down your face might also look great as it balances the neckline of the dress and the accessory.
halter neckline
  • Collared neck
    There’s a limited space to work on in a collared shirt or neckline, so a choker will work great if you have a long neck. But if not, a slimmer pendant that sits right above the last open button would be a good choice too. We love the iconic look of a white collared button down shirt with a gold simple pendant, check out our range of Ti Sento products to match this perfect look!
  • Boat neck
    This high neckline type works best with longer neckpieces, but you can also go with shorter pieces with multiple layers to add volume to your ensemble.
Young woman holding hands with a beautiful neck with gold chains
  • Cowl neck
    A cowl neckline’s voluminous design is a statement itself that stands out. And the complimentary necklace of this style is the subtle pieces which hit above the neckline. This neckline style also allows you to show off your oversized earrings to contrast your jewels dramatically.
sexy stylish woman in fashion party outfit
  • Scoop neckline
    In this type of neckline, a heavy-layered choker or small pendants with volume are enough to jazz up your look. They can fill the empty spaces in your neck and enhance your outfit as long as it follows the neckline shape. It would be best if the neckpiece falls below or above the neckline, so don’t forget to adjust the length depending on your look.
  • Off shoulder
    When it comes to this neckline design, you can show your creativity by exploring different designs, but one of the most flattering ones are statement chokers or short but elegant necklaces.
Three-quarter portrait of a cute Dominican girl
  • Strapless neckline
    If you want to flaunt your collar bones or neckline, a strapless blouse or dress is the way to go, but it must also pair up with the right jewellery piece. The best accessories for this neckline type are sleek or minimalistic chokers or shorter pendants because they will not steal the attention from your shoulder or collar bones; it will accentuate it instead.
scarlett johnasson in strapless black dress with pearl necklace
  • Note: If you opted for a bulkier and bolder statement piece, it’s best to keep your earrings simple to avoid competition or clashing designs. In some cases, the simpler the better. Why not take a look at our Hot Diamonds collection to give you some inspiration?

  • Square neckline
    This dramatic neckline deserves a beautiful piece like statement chokers, scooped necklaces that sits above the neckline or pendants with an angular finish that will harmonise with the angular neckline.

  • Sweetheart neckline
    There’s no doubt that sweetheart neckline is one of the most trendy, fashionable and attention-grabbing necklines. And the best pair of jewel that can make it stand out, even more, is a princess length layered necklace or a choker set with a drop or a curved necklace that has a width that can balance this neckline’s open decolletage. Sweetheart necklines have become incredibly popular among bridal dresses and bridal jewellery pairing.
Beautiful brunette bride in elegant white wedding dress and golden necklace
  • Crew neckline
    Short and thin necklaces won’t stand out in a crew neck because it can easily get caught on the fabric edge and hide inside. Since it has higher necklines, it will most likely look great with long necklaces, but you can also opt for a shorter but bolder and bulkier design as long as it falls parallel to a dress’ or shirt’s neckline.

  • One shoulder
    Like halter necklines, it’s best not to pair it with any necklace because its design can do the job in drawing attention. But if you want to step up your look, add some big earrings. It’ll work magic! With one shoulder necklines we really love the idea of drop-earrings.

beautiful young woman with necklace in golden light
  • Ballet neck
    This design works best with a neckpiece that has a similar shape with the neckline.
leaf shaped necklace
  • Asymmetric necklines
    Long-stringed necklaces with beads of different sizes and shape can work well with this neckline.
Woman working in a fashion boutique in Tokyo, Japan.

To sum it up, the rule of thumb for dresses or blouse with a detailed neckline like halter and cowl is no necklace, more on earrings while those with open necklines need a short necklace to fill up its space but it should not drop past the neckline. On the other hand, outfits with a high neckline like turtleneck need a longer necklace to balance the garment’s jewellery, while collard necklines need short or narrower neckpieces. As you can see, picking the right pair of outfit and accessory can be time-consuming, but there’s a hack for that — an adjustable-length chain. With this innovative solution, you can adjust its length and add pendant that complements your neckline. If you’re need of a necklace adjustment, or simply a new necklace to compliment your latest fashion statement, visit our store.

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