Han Solo Limited Edition Star Wars Figurine ES6970B


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Limited Edition Han Solo Star Wars Figurine ES6970B
A limited edition of 5,000 individually numbered pieces worldwide.

Trouble seems to be Han Solo’s constant companion. Caught in yet another gunfight, the Corellian smuggler returns fire with his blaster pistol.

The irascible but lovable character is meticulously rendered, from costume and sidearm to facial expression.

• DESIGNER- Royal Selangor producer of high-end collectibles, styling and sculpting Marvel, DC and Disney & Star Wars properties.

• IDEAL FOR GIFTING –With the ‘Star Wars’ saga now playing on Disney+ What better present for a Star Wars fan, Han Solo smuggler, scoundrel and pilot of the millennium falcon. Why not just treat yourself? You deserve it. Start Collecting now

• COLLECTABLE- With just 5000 of these made worldwide and only 500 in the UK. A truly limited edition. The Legendary Han Solo figurine is really for the most distinguished collector.


Limited Edition Han Solo Star Wars Figurine ES6970B

Arguably one of the Star Wars Universe’s most unwilling heroes, Han Solo uses his rugged quick wits and smooth talking to haggle his way out of sticky situations. His co-pilot and best friend Chewbacca never leaves his side and for all arguments debates Han definitely shot first.

As captain of the millennium falcon, Han is proud of his stories of being the most skilled pilot within the galaxy, consistently  bragging about the ship that made the the kessel run in less than 12 parsecs. Boasting that his ship can go faster and in more dangerous territory whilst still in lightspeed hyperspace.

Not only is Han gifted with fast ships, and great friends, we also witness the romantic flame between him, the brutish rogue and the princess Leia Organa, with whom they fathered a son, Ben, or more notoriously known as ‘Kylo Ren‘.

it was in fact his son that brought about his demise, after Kylo murders his father Han, Chewie shoots Kylo, wounding him only, as the rest of the team, Ray, Chewie and the droids flee the scene.

Ray Palpatine/ Skywalker, deemed Han Solo as a father figure, and aspired to be like him in his adventurous spirit.
• In collaboration with The Walt Disney Company Southeast Asia, Royal Selangor presents an affectionate homage to this milestone in cinematic history.
Product code ES6970B
Material: Pewter.

Size H21cm including base x 16cm x 8cm


About the collection
Royal Selangor’s affectionate homage to Star Wars is a collaboration with The Walt Disney Company Southeast Asia. This item comes in Star Wars Official Licensee packaging.