Iron Man Invincible Figurine By Royal Selangor


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UNIQUE COLLECTIBLE – One of a kind design
A MUST HAVE for any Marvel Comics Fan
Based of the Silver Age comic book rendition of the Iron Avenger
Showcases the combined creativity of respected artists Alan Quah and Mufizal Mokhtar
Cast in High Quality Pewter


Royal Selangor
Model Number
Item Weight
272 g
Product Dimensions
9.5 x 9.5 x 12 cm

Anthony ‘Tony’ Stark, once a billionaire industrialist and CEO of stark industries, was known to the world as a brilliant inventor, philanthropist and play-boy, with his witty humour and sarcasm he was a self-described genius. After being kidnapped by what he believed to be ‘Mandarin’ and forced to recreate his weaponry for the ‘ten rings’ Stark created a suit designed to save lives, help the innocent and use against the terrorist keeping him hostage.

His ‘Iron Man’ suit quickly became a part of his life, opening up to the world about his other identity and how he plans on protecting the world against larger threats. Although throughout the film Tony Stark is often known to ‘play god’ by predetermine the needs of the world, with little thought on privacy of those living on it, he intended to ‘put a suit of armour around the world’ and thus created the dangerous ‘Ultron’ a sentient being with a need for overpowering Jarvis, and Iron man and taking control of the world, abolishing all human life to preserve the planet.

However, time and time again Tony has been able to demonstrate his knowledge, talent and abilities by defeating his enemies, and in the end it is he who defeats Thanos, by sacrificing himself for his fellow team mates, the Avengers, Tony snaps his fingers whilst wearing the infinity gauntlet, using the infinity stones to rid the world of Thanos and all of his minions. Leaving behind his daughter Morgan and wife Pepper, Tony’s legacy continues.