Simba Music Carousel 016312


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Simba Music Carousel 016312
In a classic coming-of-age story, Simba dreams of the day when it comes time for him to rule the vast Pride Lands. The eager lion cub finds his courage tested and his faith shaken but, buoyed by the strength of his friendships, as well as his sense of belonging, he triumphs on his journey in the Circle Of Life. In pewter, on a plinth of bonded porcelain.

COLLECTABLE- Just one of a collection of the Disney Musical Carousel Collection.

PEWTER- A beautiful highly detailed musical carousel sculptured with the majesty of pewter.

IDEAL FOR GIFTING –. Ideal for Births, Christening, Christmas, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Mother’s Day or just for yourself.


Disney Music Carousels
Product code 016312

Size H11.5cm x 8cm x 7cm

• £99.00

About the collection
Beloved characters paired with their signature tunes bring the magic of Disney to our licensed collection of music carousels, perfect for sentimental occasions.

One of Disney’s most iconic songs, the circle of life, describes all of which goes on in the world, the beauty of nature and how we survive. Whilst being presented with the mighty lion cub Simba, at first we see Simba as a small baby, just being born into a world of royalty, where he will one day rule, further along in the film we learn that Simba is eager to explore, and eager to know more than what he is told, he wants to experience adventure for himself, and not learn from others.

Simba’s patience wears thin as he runs away from home, to grow up in the wild with Timone and Pumba. The lion king is a true disney classic, that will be remembered for many years to come, no musical carousel collection is complete without this classic tune.


Tune: Circle Of Life (Component code MP17035)