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Avengers ! Assemble !

Royal Selangor’s recent collaboration with Marvel has sparked a wide amount of brilliant and classically designed Marvel pewter figurines.

Our marvel heroes are also available on a comic book background or in gold pewter,

If you’re a marvel fan keep your eyes peeled for our limited edition products, A Lea Jewellers are 1 of 5 distributors in the UK and once they’re gone they’re gone!

Iron Man Merchandise

Iron Man is a fictional superhero character as part of the series of Marvel Comic Books. Iron Man is known as the famous and wealthy business man, inventor, philanthropist and genius scientist Tony Stark. His iconic mechanical suit crafted by himself in the story, helps him to survive from his chest injury. He is also known as the founding member of the team Avengers. Here at A Lea Jewellers, we sell a range of Iron Man figurines such as the Limited Edition Invincible Iron Man (available in gold and silver) and the Iron Man Invincible Figurine. We also sell an Iron Man KeyRing and the Iron Man Mini Figurine for those who prefer smaller figurines.

Captain America Merchandise

Captain America is also a superhero who features in the Marvel Comic Books. Known as a dedicated patriotic super soldier who’s primary mission was to fight the Axis powers of World War II. His iconic costume is blue with an American flag motif. He is also known for his near-indestructible shield that he throws against his enemies. Our amazing collection of Captain America figurines include; Limited Edition Captain America, Limited Captain America Resolute Figurine, Captain America Emblem Keyring Fob and the Captain America Mini Figurine!

Spider- Man Merchandise

Spider- Man is another fictional character that is portrayed in Marvel Comics. He is famous for being the first teenage superhero that is the main character. Spider- Man leads an exciting double life where he is a superhero that can shoot webs out of his hands, swing from building to building, has superhuman strength and speed and his strongest power, which is his unique Spidey-Sense, which enables him to sense immediate danger coming his way. On the other hand, he also plays the role of a regular teenage student who lives in Queens called Peter Parker. His famous suit is known for being red and blue with spiderweb patterns. Our incredible collection of Spider- Man related figurines include; Limited Edition Spider-Man Figurine, Spider-Man Amazing Fantasy Figurine, Spider-Man Emblem Keyring Fob and Spiderman Mini Figurine!

Black Panther Merchandise

Black Panther is also a fictional character that stars in Marvel Comics. His real name is T’Chulla and he is highly respected as the protector and King of the fictional African nation, Wakanda. His suit is designed with the highest developed technology to portray the characteristics of a Panther. His unique powers and abilities come from an ancient plant grown in Wakanda known as the Heart Shaped Herb, this allows him to have enhanced abilities in speed, strength and reflexes. He is also a master of the martial arts and acrobatics. Our marvellous collection of Black Panther related figurines include a Black Panther Figurine and a Black Panther Minifigure for those who prefer smaller ornaments.

Who Is The Best Superhero?

It is difficult to determine who the best superhero is in the Marvel Universe. However the majority of Marvel fans would say Spider-Man is the best hero. With the combination of his genuine character and his bravery in the face of evil, he has the best attitude towards being a superhero.

Who Is The Strongest Superhero?

The majority of marvel fans have voted the Incredible Hulk to be the strongest super hero in terms of physical strength, since he is the biggest and has more strength than Thor, who is known as the God of war and fertility.

What Are The Latest Marvel Movie Releases?

On the 4tch of March 2022, the most recent Batman movie was released in which Batman faces many struggles and challenges as he ventures into Gotham City’s underworld where an evil killer leaves a trail of clues for him to solve. Another recent release is the new Spider-Man: No Way Home, in which Spider-Man has to save the universe from a spell that causes chaos in the world.  Also, Black Widow is a fairly recent release, the film explains Natasha’s life before becoming a superhero, however she is then faced with many challenges as she confronts her past.

What Are The Upcoming Movie Releases?

Upcoming movie releases from Marvel contains;

  • Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness on May 6th 2022.
  • Thor: Love and Thunder on July 8th 2022
  • Black Panther: Wakanda Forever on November 11th 2022
  • The Marvels on February 12th 2023