Goodbye 2020! You definitely won’t be missed!
Yes, it’s true the year 2020 is finally over, and although jewellery was overlooked for the most of last year, we’ve still decided to do our annual jewellery trends roundup.
Throughout the year, designers played with more colours and gems than before, bringing back the oversized statement pieces and standalone earrings, which inspired various fashion looks both do’s and don’ts!
1. Layering and stacking
In 2020, layering necklaces and bracelets and stacking rings were a hot trend that allowed users to channel their creativity and add personal touches to their style. They range from going gold or delicate, dramatic or subtle. The combination was limitless. 
For example, some people opt to combine their child’s birthstone with a diamond pendant and a chain-link necklace. Other combined their chain link with a tennis bracelet and added a personal touch with a bangle or two to complete the look.  
We loved stacking! we saw it as a way to do unique looks with similar products, for us stacking definitely made it to the DO category.
2. Combining Metals
Necklace with stones
Mixing yellow gold earrings with white gold was also a thing in 2020. 
But some preferred to add rose gold on top of that to create an elegant combo. 
To each their own! but for us combining metals was a DON’T, with Ti Sento using the most sought after metals we didn’t want to over crowd them! sometimes simplicity is the sweetest.
3. Rose cut diamonds
Rose-cut diamonds which became popular 500 years ago also made its comeback in 2020. Rose cuts are achieved by creating a flat base that creates an optical illusion of a larger surface for the diamond to shine and three to twenty-four facets with domed tops. The absence of facets on the underside makes the gem look transparent and ethereal. 
The most popular stones last year were emeralds, sapphires and light blue stones like aquamarine and topaz. They dazzle in both vintage, classic and modern settings and its facets sparkled elegantly in the evening candlelight when most ladies show off their precious jewels. 
We love different stones! Ti Sento Milano stock a fabulous variety of different stones cut in all different shapes and sizes !
4. Big hoops 
Smooth Sun Kiss
Big hoops also made its way last 2020. Its versatility made it ideal for any occasion and looks. It looks captivating with either cocktail dresses or denim jackets. Hoops also go well with low and sleek ponytails while bigger ones look great with loose waves. Medium ones are best for casual or work, while huge designs are for fun night outs. It’s also in with the layering trend. It looks fantastic with multiple ear piercings – large ones are for the lobes, and smaller ones and studs are for the sides of your ears. 
5. Statement Chokers
Sensual Sexy Blonde Black Lips stylish haircut Fashion Velvet Ch
Statement chokers also stood out on the Spring and fall 2020 runways, and brands like Monse and The Blonds debuted their buckle options which looked stunning around the models’ necks. Extravagant ones look better with V-neck sweaters and knitted cardigans; thus, it’s a fashion fit for the autumn season. It comes in various design and sizes, ranging from a spike choker necklace to a scalloped choker with pavé-set rhinestones to brushed gold and monarch pearls. It also goes well with layered metal chains, and it can effortlessly add sparkle to your everyday ensembles.
6. Hardcore hardware
Metal big links chain with padlock
Edgy metals from hardware stores like safety pins, padlocks, and keys also stole the spotlight in 2020 with its gothic and e-girl vibe.
Yes! and No! done correctly with the right dramatic outfit these hardcore hardware styles are amazing! but you’ve got to have the whole look !
7. Pearls Overload
Ti Sento mother of pearl earrings
The sophisticated and timeless beauty of pearls also made its way to 2020 trends, thanks to stylish men in the music industry who flexed the beauty of pearls like Travis Scott and Harry Styles. Pearls are typically rarer and more expensive than diamonds, but it enjoys popularity every few years. It was challenging to find a few centuries ago, making its price tag heftier. Since then, it has become an aristocratic status symbol. Today, cultured pearls are everywhere, and it’s now available at a cheaper cost, but the beauty of natural ones are still valued significantly. Last year, baroque pearls were in with the trend, and it looked fascinating as pendants or statement rings.  
Earring trends 2020
Single Earrings 
Solo earrings have dominated last year’s runway from Prabal Gurung to Tiib and Marc Jacobs. The statement pieces are head-turner, and they stood out on their own. The secret for a stylish solo? They went for an asymmetrical trend by wearing a single charm on one side without a pair on the other and matched it with the dangles for a unique combo.
Oversized hoops
Hoops also went back to trend last 2020. It’s not that they went away, but it was considered casual or unprofessional before being recognised as fabulous. Experts kept on trying out different effects and details on the hoops. It comes in various sizes, so it’s easier for fashionistas to find a signature hoop. 
Handmade jewellery trends 2020
More and more people drifted away from luxury products and opted for something more personal and heartfelt. Aside from handmade jewels pearls, solo earrings and oversized hoops, these are other trends last Spring that are worth a look back:
Colourful Jewels
In 2020, we saw that you don’t have to stick to gold and silver all year round. Even designers opted for colourful jewellery for their Spring collection just like Brandon Maxwell and Marc Jacobs’ runway. The explosion of floral and beaded pieces adds a splash of fun vibe to any look, and it helps to channel the young selves within us.
Celestial accents
Moons and stars were mainstream jewels that remained the shape of choice in 2020, and they made a comeback in hair clips, multi-chain necklaces and dropped earrings too. 
Even luxury brands leaned towards unpolished, rough-cut stones with a Bohemian vibe last 2020. No crystals look the same, and they’re easy to find, so, getting on board with this growing trend was not difficult. Bold crystal pendants are a thing of the past year that quickly revamped different looks. 
Personalised Jewels
Customised jewels with a personal signature or choice of words were also hot in 2020. It gave limitless options and enabled people to create a treasure that is unique to them. 
Fine jewellery trends 2020
When it comes to fine jewellery, diamonds are the timeless classic that stands still till this day, and it never went out of style last year. Here’s another popular diamond design that many people have eyed on the previous year 2020. 
A collection of little pavé-Set diamonds create a luxurious sparkling surface, and this trend on the finger, arms and ears were in last 2020. Marquise diamonds were also back in fashion last year. Its elongated eye-shape design and soft curves that come to a point on both ends are elegant, no wonder why it has gained popularity again. 
Bracelets trends 2020
Chain links have been popular streetwear for many decades, but the fun usually stops on the neck. But in 2020, large chain links are on earrings, rings and bracelets and they made a cool feature especially when added with pavé-set shimmering stones. 
Designers kept on playing and creating charms that serve as a symbol of luck, love and spirituality, or a token filled with memories, and it was still on trend last 2020. Whether you’re into a #neckmess, a popular Instagram hashtag that seemingly means disorganised or tangled looks, or graduated layers or a single necklace with dangling motif and medallions, you can enjoy the beauty if charms by personalising it and adding new pieces anytime you want.  
So, those are the jewellery trends that have remained or flourished in 2020. As we welcome another year and continue to adapt to the new normal, we can also expect new fashion trends to rise this 2021. 
Le’s dive deeper into the world of jewellery as we unveil the biggest and most captivating jewellery trends this 2021. 
What Jewellery Trends To Expect in 2021
We expect to see more of shoulder-grazing or longer drop earrings and the use of tiny, pint-sized bags as necklaces that will seamlessly complement your wardrobe. Most of us are longing for a vacation this 2021 to show off our beach look, but, the incoming trend of colourful beach beads are still wearable no matter where you are. And adding a touch of pearl can make it more sophisticated. 
We are also excited towards the comeback of silver after years of yellow gold jewellery domination. It’s not that silver has been gone, but, this year, the fashion gods may favour it again. Since silver jewellery is more affordable and easy to find, it can be easier for you to revamp your 2021 look, despite the odds
June 28, 2023 — Gethin Jones

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